Use Time Wisely to Increase Profitability: Standards to Eliminate Time Wasters

Program Description

Why is it that you can be busy all day but feel like you accomplished nothing? Actions that produce productive results lead to the efficient management of time. Every organization must have standard processes in order for the business to be efficient. Employees want to do a great job, but without tools and training on your internal processes it prohibits peak performance. Employees become quickly frustrated meeting leaderships expectations when the organizational directions are not communicated effectively. Learn ways to capitalize on your employees strengths by delegating the creation and implementation of various tools and processes that can be shared throughout your organization. Based on Laura Leist’s book; Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity, Laura will share with you a variety of standards you need to implement in your organization. She will also demonstrate a few time-saving techniques using Outlook that you may wonder why you hadn’t used before. You can make more money by being more productive; but you can’t make more time.

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 This program will provide attendees with proven techniques and strategies that they can take back and implement in their organization. Leadership can develop a plan for what is most important to their organization. Learn how to:

• Use Outlook e-mail templates and QuickParts to communicate consistent information company-wide and externally to clients

• Create a set of policies and procedures to be shared by employees using OneNote

• Create an organized file structure for storage and retrieval of company documents

• Use consistent file naming conventions for internal and external files to ensure the correct version of the document is used

• Get employees to utilize company information resources properly

• Proper use of a meeting agenda


Audiences: Corporations, Conventions, Conferences, Associations and Small Businesses

Program Length: 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes

Outlook Versions: This program will be taught using Microsoft Outlook 2016 or 2013.

Investment: Please contact our office at the numbers below for an estimate or proposal.

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