LastPass:  The Last Password You'll Ever Need

Program Description

Laura Leist, MOS, CPO®, will provide an overview of LastPass - a digital password manager. She will also show us how to get started with this tool and important tips you need to be aware of as you setup LastPass for yourself, your business, or take it to the next level. Laura has first-hand knowledge of the importance of using this tool in her business and her life during a crisis. She and her husband Robert (an IT Security Specialist) work with their clients to ensure they can put their fingers on important information - anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Topics We'll Cover

 • You will download the LastPass app to your laptop or tablet as well as your smartphone. Instructions on how to properly install will be provided.

 • Learn how to import passwords you previously stored in other browsers and why they should NEVER be saved there.

 • A discussion about “the security challenge” which evaluates your password strengths and what logins are vulnerable to hackers.

 • A discussion about the “vault” and what types of information you can store in it.

 • How to add a site to your vault; and when you should update a site.

 • How to create “secure notes” and attach images to these notes – so they are always at your fingertips even if your wallet or purse is stolen.

 • How to create “form fills” in your vault to use when shopping online or filling out information online. You won’t believe what a time-save this is!

 • How to create folders and sub-folders to organize groups of passwords.

• Learn how to “share” passwords with family, friends, co-workers or employees – so passwords are secure and don’t need to constantly be reset. You can even share a password without giving access to the password!

• Learn how to set up “emergency” access to your LastPass for family members – and why it’s so important to do this!


 • Increase in your cyber security as a result of better password management.

• All of your passwords and digital assets are organized in ONE place! This will be a life saver should anyone ever need access to your accounts – if and/or when something happens to you.

• A tremendous time savings every day for having passwords and information in ONE place – all at your fingertips.

• You can stop resetting passwords every time you can’t remember one!

• Learn how you can share passwords with family or team members.

• You know exactly where to look when your IT professional needs a password to fix something on your computer, saving YOU time and money!

• You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that all of your important information is in one location, secure, always at your fingertips and organized!

Audiences: Associations, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Program Length: 60, 75 or 90 minutes

Investment: Please contact our office at the numbers below for an estimate or proposal.

Client Testimonials

“I learned so much from your Last Pass presentation. Even though I have used Last Pass for years, you taught me so much more! I am excited to finally be using Last Pass to its full potential and it is all because of you, your wealth of knowledge and amazing teaching style! Thank you so much.”

- Terina Bainter, CPO©, COC©, ACC

“Laura’s LastPass presentation was phenomenal! There are 4 things that I loved about her presentation:

1) It was very easy to follow and understand. She gave us an actual visual demo of LastPass which was so valuable (and must have taken her an enormous amount of time to prepare) - Sometimes learning new technology is intimidating; she made it approachable and straightforward.

2) I have used LastPass for a few years and I so appreciate that Laura taught me new things about it that I never knew. Right after her presentation, I implemented those things and now feel so much better knowing that those things are taken care of. What I used to keep on a spreadsheet for my husband, I now keep in LastPass and have him as my emergency contact.

3) It seems a given that all Professional Organizers would be organized in their presentations. Not so! Laura, however, was and she was not only easy to listen to and follow, she also used stories to keep my attention and drive a point home. Point taken!"

- Ruth Hadlock, CPO®, Owner, Streamlined Space, LLC