Eliminate Risk and Gain Rewards Using Technology: How Savvy  Successfull Small Businesses Operate

Program Description

In business, you need to be more than just organized to be profitable, you also need to be productive. Your business needs systems in place that you and others use on a daily basis to make every minute count and not miss out on opportunities to increase your earning potential.

Would you like to be more productive and organized at work?

Would you like to be able to quickly put your hands on information when it's needed?

What would you do if you had 20 extra minutes a day?

Imagine...More Accomplished...In Less Time...With Less Stress


• Understand the difference between the “visible” and “non-visible forms of clutter and why you need to work on both to increase your profitability

• Discover the four components of an organized office

• Explore the biggest time wasters at work and how you can eliminate them

• Explore various file naming conventions for digital files

• Learn the four things you can do with any piece of e-mail and a system for processing, follow-up and organization that will empty your inbox and never let an important deadline slip past

• Save hours each month by using three simple Outlook e-mail techniques you will wish you knew years ago (Outlook 2016 or 2013 will be used)

• Learn the PAPERS™ method and realize why you need more than one paper management system for your business and learn how to create a Daily Action Center™

• Receive a high-level overview of an online password management system and why you need to start using one

• Discover the difference between several computer and cloud-based task management systems and decide which one is right for you

• Start thinking about how you can prepare for a digital disaster – what backup systems do you have in place and what will you put in place?

Program Note: If some of these techniques do not apply, Laura may substitute another technique.


Audiences: Corporations, Conventions, Conferences, Associations and Small Businesses

Program Length: 90 minutes

Outlook Versions: This program can be taught using Microsoft Outlook 2016 or 2014

Investment: Please contact our office at the numbers below for an estimate or proposal.

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“Fantastic information that I can implement quickly.”

- Maureen Manley

"At a recent Professional Organizers in Canada conference, one of our session presenters was absent due to injury. Laura graciously offered to fill in at the last minute, updated her notes for a Canadian audience in no time flat, and delivered an informative and enjoyable presentation. In addition to the comprehensive nature of the subject matter, Laura sprinkled her talk with real-life examples from her own business experiences, which was thoroughly appreciated by the members in attendance. We've already had requests from members to bring Laura back as a speaker at our next conference.”

- Kristie Demke, President - Professional Organizers in Canada

“Laura’s presentation was OUTSTANDING and I got several takeaways! Business Contact Manager is free for the downloading - I thought BCM was discontinued with release of Office 2010. I would never have thought to suggest BCM to my clients who already use Outlook because I had no idea BCM was even available - and even better, it’s free! Since it presumably integrates smoothly with Outlook, and it’s free, clients who live in the MS Office world are much more likely to be willing to try it vs loading a 3rd party CRM product that is supposed to work with Outlook (such as ACT!) but which slow Outlook to a crawl. BCM is an option I can now consider/suggest for my small business clients.”

- NAPO Virtual Chapter

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. I was on the fence about attending because I thought: 1) CRM? I used ACT! and found it to be too complex, so I won’t do a CRM again! 2) Share calendars? I don’t have a team for my business and my husband and I share via Outlook, so I don’t need that information… 3) Share files? I backup to Dropbox & that’s the best option out there, so maybe I’ll listen to this in case there’s something I should know for a client. Wow. When I write these down I’m amazed I didn’t listen to my doubts and just watch Wheel of Fortune last night! You educated me quite a bit. I’ve already downloaded the Business Contact Manager software (I had no idea I had it), checked my WHOIS registry, considered changing who hosts my domain, and considered changing to SugarSync in the future. Who knew there was something that I could actually access OFFLINE, which is why I still save copies of everything on my laptop! Thank you again for taking the time to educate us all.”

- Karin Solomonson - Mundo99

“Laura’s program was terrific. I learned four specific productivity tools that I will begin to use immediately. Thanks Laura!”

- Earl Bell

“Office365 is effectively replacing hosted MS Exchange, so I might as well get over my aversion to Office 365 and start adapting. Hosted e-mail prices for small businesses are dropping - having seen Laura’s examples, I can recommend my clients re-visit their hosted Exchange plans and re-consider their needs to make sure they are currently using the best package for their current situation. I think some small business clients may be able to lower annual costs/get more robust feature set. Laura made some great points re: SaaS vs. outright ownership of software, particularly for growing businesses that may be adding employees. Great event, and kudos to NAPO VC Professional Development Chair for this program!”

- NAPO Virtual Chapter

“Laura taught me how to eliminate chaos, save time and implement tasks to build my business.”

- Lisa Copeland

“Great ideas on how to get the most out of your email program for your business.”

- Nicole Nazzaro

“Laura gives practical, honest, valuable advice that improves efficiency and makes life more peaceful.”

- Otto Haugland

“Laura is an inspirational speaker and teacher who is amazing at alleviating the chaos!”

- Rose Jolis

“Laura is fabulous! I love her tactile and strategic approach to using tools for what they are intended to be used for.”

- Mel DePaoli
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