Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook®  

Program Description

E-mail is a necessary tool in today’s workplace; however it can be time-consuming to manage. E-mail steals your time when there isn’t a good system in place to process and maintain it on a daily basis. You are guaranteed to save time when you implement the e-mail techniques Laura shares with you. What can you do with an extra hour a week or more just by using a few of these ideas?

You will leave inspired to go back to your office and implement Laura’s realistic, time-saving techniques AND you just might say: “WOW, I didn’t know I could do that!”Outlook 2013 Book Cover

This program is based on Laura’s book:
Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook (2010 and 2013 versions)

Imagine...More Accomplished...In Less Time...With Less Stress


Programs can be composed of the following learning objectives and more to meet your needs, including:

• The purpose of the Inbox and what e-mails should live in the inbox

• A process for e-mail and the four actions you can apply to any e-mail

• Making time to manage e-mail

• Creating an organized Inbox filing structure so you can quickly retrieve information

• Configuring the Inbox to easily read and process e-mail by adding and removing columns of data

• Maintaining a follow-up system for e-mail

• When to pick up the phone instead of writing one more e-mail

• Composing a well-organized e-mail for an improved response rate by the recipient

• How to create and use e-mail templates - guaranteed to save you hours each month

• How to use e-mail Quick Parts - guaranteed to save time each day

• How to "mark your comments" automatically with your name in an e-mail response – a little known feature you can turn on and customize in under 2 minutes

• How to flag e-mail for follow up so it doesn't live in your inbox so you never miss an important

• How to use Quick Steps for repeatable actions used multiple times a day on e-mail and calendar items

• How to use the “Save Sent Item To” feature to automatically folder e-mail about a particular client or sale – so that it doesn’t all live in the “Sent” folder and instead lives in one organized location

• Delaying the delivery of an e-mail once it’s written

• Composing a compelling and descriptive subject line

• Inserting a hyperlink to a website, instead of inserting the long, ugly URL

• Changing the subject line for an e-mail you file into a folder

• Configuring “Automatic Replies” to automatically respond to incoming e-mail

• Methods for sorting e-mails for cleanup and organization

• E-mailing contacts that are part of a “category” rather than creating a distribution list

• Creating, editing and removing e-mail signatures that include graphics and hyperlinks to websites

• Directing replies to an e-mail you send to someone else

• Using e-mail delivery options such as voting options, requesting a delivery and/or read receipt

• Recalling an e-mail you didn’t intend to send

• When to save attachments to a server, computer, public folder or leave in the Inbox

• Marking e-mail “read” or “unread” and why you want to do this

• When to use “reply” vs. “reply all”

• Proper use of the “TO” “CC” and “BCC” fields and how to move e-mail address from one field to another

• Creating rules to filter e-mail


Audiences: Corporations, Conventions, Conferences, Associations and Small Businesses

Program Length: 1.5, 2 or 3 hours*
*The length of this program will vary based on the content selected from the above list of results.

Outlook Versions: This program can be taught using Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010

Investment: Please contact our office at the numbers below for an estimate or proposal.

Why Hire Laura for this Program?

Laura is a Productivity Specialist™ with over twenty-five years of experience developing business processes with the use of technology. She understands the challenges individuals and companies face on a daily basis with the use of Microsoft Outlook and how to organize and retrieve information quickly when needed. In the 1990's Laura was hired by community colleges teach Microsoft Outlook to employees of corporations. Laura quickly became frustrated with the content of the materials she was asked to teach with and decided to create her own materials and began teaching her own classes. Laura believes that it's not enough to know "HOW" to use specific features of Outlook but that you also need to know "WHY" you must incorporate these techniques into your daily e-mail management practices. Laura's down-to-earth, real-life examples, will quickly help you understand how you can integrate these objectives into your workday so you can increase your productivity.

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“I discovered that the amount of time I could save weekly multiplied by our billable hours would save my company the equivalent of my annual salary. It was eye-opening to say the least. These are techniques which can extend your productivity and revenue-generating time daily. I feel empowered to create more productivity within my day and still have time for family and friends.”

- Laura Doerfler - Five By Five Events

“Laura’s knowledge of the vast capabilities of Outlook was amazing. I learned more from her in 30 minutes about organizing within Outlook than I had been able to figure out on my own in 10 years.”

- Kevin Howard - The Howard Group, Inc.

“Thank you so much for the informative class! I love the tips and look forward to utilizing the tips in Outlook.”

- Randy Wear - Securitas

“If you are a low user of Outlook her tips and ideas are right on the money!”

- Ed Billington - Securitas

“Laura’s delivery was excellent. The information she presented will help save valuable minutes to the daily tasks I have on my plate. I think most of us are missing out on exactly what Microsoft Outlook can do for our ability to organize and save time. Laura will change that. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with email and to do lists.”

- Chris Hatfield - Securitas

“Laura makes using Outlook as easy as it was meant to be without having to be a Microsoft Software Engineer.”

- John - Phoenix, AZ