Laura Leist, CPO, MOS, CRTS


Since launching Eliminate Chaos in 2000, Laura Leist has walked her own talk about getting more done to allow “More Time for Life®.”  A poster child for getting much accomplished, this self-described overachiever and award-winning entrepreneur has grown what was once a one-woman show into a thriving business. She has also written nine books, including: Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life (Sasquatch Books 2006) Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity (Wiley 2011) Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook (2010 and 2013 versions).

Today Eliminate Chaos operates three divisions – residential organizing, business productivity, and speaking.

Appreciative clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, paper-and-systems-fatigued law offices, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes and media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity. Though they come from all walks of life and work, they all share a universal need to invest in professional help to escape the clutter, disorganization and lack of productivity that slows them down, steals valuable time from their lives, and puts a crimp on their upside earning potential.

Eliminate Chaos employs productivity and organization specialists who are united in their belief that everyone can enjoy life more if they just get organized first. Laura sets the example for the team. She has the rare ability to serve as a strategic, big-picture thinker AND handle the most complicated, detailed projects without letting anything slip through the cracks.

Laura’s IT Experience Eliminates Chaos at Work.

Laura's education, training, and dynamic background in information technology bring welcome calm to the technology storm. Her proven ability to streamline processes was rewarded early in her career when she was recognized as the employee of the year for SAFECO Surety. For over a decade Laura designed computer systems to manage work processes and information to help employees store and retrieve information quickly. What makes her contribution to client success so valuable is the combination of her prior career experience and her gift for explaining how to make the most of technology in a non-geek-speak way.

Creating Order Out of Chaos So Clients Find What They Need Fast.

Clients come to Laura overwhelmed by technology tools and the steep learning curves associated with making the most of them. Laura consults with clients about their business processes and creates custom productivity systems.  As a result, clients gain control and mastery over mobile devices, customer relationship management tools, and file sharing systems that save them valuable time and make life a whole lot easier. For those for whom technology tools were once a challenge, this is cause for celebration.

Clients Rave.

Client’s rave about how the company delivers on its promises. Laura and the entire Eliminate Chaos team listen compassionately and deliver systems, professional advice and customized organization and productivity solutions that really work. Best of all, they can be easily and seamlessly maintained. Clients breathe a sigh of relief as they put into practice systems created just for them that deliver practical, priceless, and life changing benefits.


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Laura's Delighted Clients

“What a delight to walk into the wine room and know exactly where to find each bottle of wine! Eliminate Chaos worked with us to create a system to allow us to easily locate wine and in the process, created more space for future purchases! Laura, Cassie and their team were great to work with and had numerous ideas but also wanted input as to how to create a system that would work best for us. I wish we had done this years ago!”

- J.P.

“Laura’s calm, respectful help reassured me through the whole process. She worked so quickly that I was energized to continue at that pace. Her clear “homework” suggestions helped me keep up the progress between her visits.”

- Christy L.

“You helped me so much yesterday. I can’t thank you enough. You were absolutely WONDERFUL. I can’t wait to have you back again but in the meantime I’m really looking forward to buying the supplies you listed out for me. You’re such a lively and sweet person too, what a difference having you help vs. having to do it myself – you’re an angel. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’ve gotten me all inspired too. I can’t wait to go shopping. Thanks for getting me on track with that room and for most of all – brightening up my day… you’re a ray of sunshine!”

- Elizabeth Bevan

“You are doing a lovely job, and you are worth every penny for your diligence, commitment, and helping people achieve success in their lives through what you do so well.””

- Linda Miller

“I got my car in the garage today!! No more scraping the ice off. I can’t thank you enough – you are my hero. I’m telling everyone about your service.”

- Kim Gillespie

“Thanks to you, I can park in my garage. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to park in my garage. I am so happy to you every time I jump into my car and stay dry. I have remodeled my house and spent a lot of money but I can tell you that the best money I spent was on you!”

- Kathleen Zamsky

“I was at Denise’s delivering product and heard a great compliment that I wanted to be sure to share with you. One of the gentlemen installing the cabinet hardware told Denise that based on what the inside of her office cabinets and drawers looked like "Martha Stewart would be envious of her organizational skills". Denise told him all about you and told him that you were very talented and had been a great help to her.””

- Jill Turner-Willox, Designer

“We have used Laura's services at our business and in our home. In both settings and during all projects, Laura provided exceptional service. The work Laura has done for us has required her to design and implement a process for the project, to listen well to our needs, goals and limitations, to work very closely with members of our staff (and with our children during the projects at home) and to provide us with a plan of action we would undertake after our work with her was complete. I always had complete confidence in her leadership and management. In my interactions w/outside vendors, I would rank Laura's level of service in the top 1%! Laura delivers what she promises, on time, on budget and with cheerfulness and a positive, uplifting attitude. I gain two things when I work with Laura: organization and the tools and strategies to stay organized! Laura knows the right products to use in my home and office and shows me how to use them. She observes how we work and develops systems and tools to help us work more efficiently. Laura holds herself to very high standards and it shows in her work! When I have welcomed Laura into my home and business to "get us organized", I have exposed my mess and my bad habits to her. I admitted that I needed help! Laura has always treated me, members of my family and my staff with respect and kindness. Laura has a special way of making us comfortable when working with her. And, we always have fun and laugh! She has earned my trust and I have confidently referred friends and business associates to her. The vendors she has referred to me have always been delightful to work with and have delivered the same level of service and product that she herself delivers. Laura is completely dependable and reliable. When we set appointments to work together, I know I can count on her to be on time. She completes projects in the amount of time that she says it will take to complete them. One of my favorite things about working with Laura is that she delivers a summary of the work done and the progress made, and a list of remaining action items.”

- MaryPat Cheng

“I just wanted to take a moment to mention how absolutely thrilled I have been with all the progress made in my house over the last six or seven months. It's never been overwhelming but rather just enough pushing to get the job done. Being able to trust that the decisions made by Laura would be the same ones I'd make took a lot of the stress out of this process. I'm already missing my "Magic Tuesdays" when Larry would come home and just drop his jaw with what got accomplished that day. The desire for a Christmas party is definitely rekindled in the household!”

- Valorie Osterman

“You and your team have done great work for me on at least 3 different occasions over the years – first my disaster of an office, then my nesting when I was pregnant with Nicholas and felt a need to organize my garage, and most recently 2 years ago when we moved into a new house and needed to design closets and garage storage. I would have had many more grey hairs if it had not been for your great help.”

- Angie Brown

“I am so appreciative of the expertise and ease in which Laura handles "my chaos". She is dynamite and seems to adapt to each situation. I especially appreciate the sensitivity to my unique situation as the result of my stroke. :)”

- Anonymous

“I have been using your services for many years now. It is because of your professionalism, efficiency and respect for your client, that I come back. You do not judge and you understand the emotion with organizing. Thank you so much for helping to make my lift a little more organized!” ”

- T.T., Seattle



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Laura's Delighted Clients

“Eliminate Chaos did a wonderful job of moving two extremely busy professionals with limited bandwidth, from 2 houses into one condo (and a couple of storage units). Zero breakage, up and running same day, and hugely reduced stress since everything is labeled and where it should be. Great experience - thank you Laura and team!”

- Larry Williams

“Laura and her team coordinated our move; packed and unpacked; organized closets, the garage, and the kitchen; hung artwork; and generally made our move smooth, efficient, and successful. Laura and every team member were friendly, efficient, encouraging, and made life during a move much easier. This is our second move with Eliminate Chaos, and if we move again, we will call Laura.”

- Melody Robidoux

“The Eliminate Chaos team arrived, on time, to tackle an unpacking project that had spread between two rooms. Their effectiveness, attention to detail and expertise changed my life. While I’ve worked with other organizational consultants, Eliminate Chaos has a mixture of efficiency refinement; logic based organizing and professional standards that take them to another level, thoughtful problem solving. They are the best.”

- Audrey Beaulac

“Laura and her crew made unpacking our house as "easy" as any move can possibly be. From unpacking the boxes, organizing drawers and cupboards, assembling furniture, and breaking down boxes - her team was always willing and able to do whatever was necessary. Laura is now planning our garage build out and will be there to make sure everything is in its place. If I ever move again, it won't be without a call to Laura to make our new house a home in no time at all.”

- Melody Robidoux


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Laura's Delighted Clients

“It was very helpful to have help in knowing where to start.  My office was such an overwhelming mess.  Your suggestions have worked very well.”

- Michelle Wicks Cypher, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Laura did a wonderful job of organizing my home office. My office was a disaster and Laura helped sort through piles of paper and showed me effective ways to keep business and personal information in order. Her filing system is very effective."

- Paula Feldman, Money Mailer

“Laura saved my sanity and helped my home-based business immeasurably. She has a unique ability to tackle the logistical problem head-on while dealing with the stress and frustration created by the situation simultaneously. I could not recommend anyone more strenuously!”

- Myles Kahnr

“I hired Laura because I was desperate. As the owner of a consulting company called Simple Serenity, I was anything but serene! Accumulated overwhelm and chaos ruled my life. With Laura’s expertise and guidance, I have now learned an entirely new way of bringing order and organization into my life. Rather than a difficult chore, my experience with Laura has been a joy – she is a delight from the first paper clip to that last piece of unnecessary paper. I now have systems in place that make life simple, feel significantly less stress and have chaos nearly eliminated.”

- Lorrie Jones, Simple Serenity

“I'm very glad you helped me set up a good filing system so I was motivated to stay on top of opening my mail. Every day or two I open the mail I receive and I file what needs to be kept and shred or throw away the rest. Now that I stay on top of my mail, I immediately saw an invoice from a company that I didn't recognize. Some investigations let me to learn that somebody got a hold of one of my credit card numbers and was trying to make online purchases. I immediately closed the account to protect myself but learned that two days later the perpetrators tried again to make an online purchase. If I wasn't on top of opening my mail I might not have caught this so quickly. Thanks again.”"

- Tim

“I recently moved and after unpacking a household felt no energy to unpack my home office. My supplies had been in boxes on the floor for one year. My desk configuration allowed no room to move about the office and I needed lots of space for colligation of paperwork. I hired “Eliminate Chaos” to help me with this project. It took three days of sorting and organizing and furniture arranging but the finished product turned out even better than I could have imagined. Laura and Christine were so easy to have in my house for those long days and worked so hard to make the systems work for me. Two very large recycle bins later my home office functions very smoothly and efficiently with a place for everything and everything in its’ place. Christine helped me rearrange my furniture and Laura helped me to coordinate my Outlook program with all aspects of my life and devised files & containers to help me stay organized. I would recommend these services to any and all that need help with a home office or any household room or garage that needs organization.”

- Happily works from home - Debra R. Brownell, Windermere R.E. Co.


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Laura's Delighted Clients

“I have to say my experience with Laura Leist of Eliminate Chaos has been exceptional. I am a potential customer and as of yet have not required her services. Laura went above and beyond researching a question I asked of her regarding my Outlook contact management system. If this is the type of customer service she provides to non-customers I can only imagine how happy her clients must be. I look forward to working with her in the near future.”

- Kelli Wike, Executive Recruiter, Big Planet
Laura Leist

Success by the Numbers.

After a decade of dramatic growth that spans the dot-com bubble burst of 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008, Laura has built a company that is proud to have served thousands of clients. They sing the praises about how the power of organization, systems, processes, and logical work flow has changed their lives, advanced their careers, and saved hours of frustration.

  • Along the way Laura has:

    • Earned tens of thousands of fans of her eight books that guide people to eliminate chaos, including Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life (Sasquatch Books 2006) and Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity (Wiley 2011).

    • 500 seminars, keynotes, and speeches about business productivity and organization in the workplace and at home to appreciative audiences across the nation and internationally.

    • Given 300 media interviews to publications such as Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Real Simple, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, MSN Real Estate, Cosmopolitan, Balance, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance,  Fidelity,  the Seattle Times, 425 Magazine and more.

    • Served in four board positions for the National Association of Professional Organizer (NAPO) since 2004, including the top position of President.  In addition, she earned the NAPO Shining Star Award, recognizing her vision, project management, leadership in redesigning the NAPO website.

    • Written five books on Microsoft Outlook and Business Contact Manager; helping thousands become more productive utilizing this tool at work.

    • Influenced hundreds of people to enter the profession and enjoy rewarding careers as organizing or productivity professionals.

    • Shown thousands of people the value in acting on market opportunities for electronic information organizing to earn a great living.

    • Been among the first in the nation to earn the prestigious Certified Professional Organizer, CPO® designation and a company leader who is proud to employ several team members who have followed her lead.

    • Earned a degree in management information systems from Washington State University and a certificate in Software Product Management the University of Washington.

    • Earned recognition in 2001 as one of the 40 business executives under 40 years of age making a difference in the marketplace and the community by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Laura’s Organizing Genius Took Root Early and by Necessity.

Laura came by her organizing genius out of necessity. From a very early age, Laura made sure her Mom – a visually impaired, music teacher -- could find what she needed when she needed it. These early acts of service and love built a strong appreciation for form, function and order. Today she and her team orchestrate beautiful and elegant organizing systems, processes, and work flows to create symphonies of order, productivity, and more.

What many would be surprised to learn is that while Laura’s home in Snohomish, WA is lovely and well organized, it is also a welcome haven for treasured pets (Bear {the Alaskan Malamute} and Chaos {the Bernese Mountain Dog}) and past four-legged family member’s Teddy and her beloved Saint Bernard named Mozart.

Mozart joined Laura at the same time she launched her company. With Laura’s training and focus on desired end results, Mozart quickly learned to stop at the door to have his paws wiped off. He also learned to stay out of the living and dining room. Setting up systems, boundaries and expectations paved the way for many happy, joyful moments with Mozart through the years, much like business systems and processes do for clients. She’ll quickly tell you that it is treasured moments in life that matter most and not the stuff.

Laura’s favorite place to travel is Hawaii. Lounging on a beach chair while holding a fruity drink adorned by a paper umbrella, Laura loves to read and do a lot of nothing while pondering beautiful sunsets with her husband Rob by her side. They married on the well-ordered date of 9-10-11.